How It Works

How the® Backup Care℠ benefit: Easy for your employees, easy for you.® Backup Care℠, provided by Parents in a Pinch, makes it easy for your employees to access their backup care benefit. And we make it just as easy for you to provide it.

Getting Started

  • Backup care specialists will discuss your company’s needs with you to help design the best package.
  • Once an annual or three-year contract is signed, your company is charged an administrative fee based on the size of your employee base and the number of locations where the backup care benefit will be provided. This fee allows each employee to utilize from 10- 20 days per year of backup child care and backup adult or elder care.
  • Once in place, just one phone call will bring a dependable, warm and experienced caregiver to their home or the home of their elder dependent.

Arranging backup care

  • Employees call BackupCare at 855-781-1303.
  • We will assign a caregiver whose experience and schedule meet the needs of the employee.
  • Our specialists will call the employee to introduce the caregiver and follow up with an email.
  • The caregiver will also contact the employee to finalize arrangements.
  • When the caregiver arrives, parents sign an authorization form. Then, at the end of the day, they confirm the hours of care.
  • All employees will receive a follow-up questionnaire to ascertain their satisfaction with the service and their caregiver.

Paying for corporate backup childcare or eldercare

  • The method of payment is determined by the arrangement your company has crafted with BackupCare.
    • Parents either pay the caregiver directly or
    • The amount of care is charged to the employee’s credit card.
  • Caregiver rates vary by location and depend on whether or not your company chooses to offer reimbursement for all or a portion of the fee.

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