What people say about our backup childcare

“The backup care benefit saved our household sanity today. I have been out of town for two days on university business and our son’s nanny came down with the flu yesterday—and meantime, my husband is trying to finish out the semester. Would you please convey our immense gratitude? It worked perfectly.”

— Mother of one, Professor and Dean, Vanderbilt University

“I was a skeptic about the service. In fact, I had taken many days off from work rather than use backup care services—I didn’t want to leave my child with a stranger. Now, I wish I had used the service much, much sooner. Courtney was terrific and the staff that helped arrange Courtney was also terrific. Very professional and helpful. I will be using this service again and would recommend it to my friends and colleagues.”

— Mother of one, Administrative Assistant

“Jeanne was a dream. She definitely did provide me with peace of mind, and I am not an easy one in that respect! I asked her to come a second day, and would ask her to come again, definitely. The kids totally enjoyed their time with her and she was lovely to me, so reassuring. I can’t thank you enough for your service. I have to say it just makes me nervous to call someone unknown “in a pinch” but everyone you have sent over (in particular Jeanne and Anne) has been so terrific.”

— Mother of two, Attorney

“We’ve always been happy with the child care you have provided but Julie has reset the bar to which I will judge all other sitters and set a new gold standard. She is by far the best sitter I have ever met, but don’t tell Grandma that. During the pre-visit phone call she asked more than the usual, “Hi, I’ll be your childcare provider and confirm address and number of children” but what do the children like to do, dislikes, allergies… Then she took all this info and planned and brought activities just for our children. Needless to say we loved it and the boys loved it as welll.”

— Father of two, Engineer

What people say about our backup eldercare

“The process worked perfectly for my needs, I needed a fast replacement for a care provider for my mother, that I could trust 100%. Without this benefit I probably would have missed some days at work.”

— University Administrative Manager

“Susan was wonderful over the phone and thereafter contacted me by email. She asked very insightful questions about my Dad’s age and condition and arranged care with a very experienced company. I cannot express how grateful I am for this service.”

— Library Specialist

“I have nothing but praise for your service. Susan is great to work with and the two different agencies that have provided service both sent good people. I was very satisfied and would recommend it to others. My parents were happy with the service as well.”

— Vice President, Investment Management Firm

“I wrote an email to my benefits coordinator regarding how impressed I was with the whole process, from making the first call to the final arrangements it went smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of arranging the request and the responsiveness of all involved. I truly cannot say enough good things about this program—it was an excellent experience and I will not hesitate to use the service again, and will share my experience and recommend this to other.”

— Medical Specialist